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Systems and Synergies – Troubleshooting video

Our last article, Systems and Synergies – It looked good on paper looked at how we approached troubleshooting a Turntable installation.  Turnables can be particularly delicate to set up, but issues can arise with other things as well. For example, Home Theatre.  You create an installation with a TV, sound system, and a cable box, and […]

Systems and synergies – It looked good on paper

Sometimes, people will put an entertainment system together for themselves. They’ll spend hours on research and talking to experts and it’s perfectly designed. On paper. They bring it home, spend an evening or weekend putting it together and something doesn’t work. Like it just won’t. They take it all apart and the store’s got a […]

McIntosh TradeUp Program

Liptons Audio Video Unlimited is pleased to announce that a special TradeUp deal is available here for McIntosh owners like you who want to trade their select old equipment in for the latest available from McIntosh! “As a testament to McIntosh’s durability and value retention, for a limited time you can trade in select McIntosh […]

Smart Tech for your home

Nothing is impossible. We are experts in getting audio and video into every room, no matter what. Consult our experts when building a new home to ensure that you have the proper cables pre-wired to the right places. Check out the  September edition of our brand new virtual flyer!  Featuring: Samsung, Sony, Marantz, Paradigm, Anthem, Sonos, Pro-Ject, Audioquest,  Golden Ear, and Control4, There’s lots to see and read […]

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