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Network not working?

It’s not enough to purchase a high definition AV device, or series of devices, and then expect it or them to deliver full potential as soon as you come home. This is partly about the quality of the image and audio, and also about the integrative potential of the devices. These both require due consideration […]

January @Liptons AVU

Check out the January edition of our brand new virtual flyer!  Featuring Pro-ject turntables, Sony TV’s and projectors, Samsung TV’s, Denon Micro Hi-Fi, amps from Anthem & from Marantz, Paradigm & Golden Ear speakers, lots of Sonos and Control4 home. Not sure how to get perfect sound into your home? We are experts in getting audio into any […]

Home installation: Professional, skilled, respectful, and quick

Insert Tab A into Slot B also. That’s an actual instruction I once had in a package. The rest was equally helpful. Instructional text, especially for consumers, has gotten much better through the years, but technical writing, which is the fancy term for it, is nevertheless going to be technical. That’s just inevitable, especially when […]

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