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What’s the buzz about 4k UHD TV?

Going in to 2015, 4K is definitely the hot buzzword for TV, and it’s a technology that’s changing the playing field when it comes to image quality. Ultra high Definition TVS (UHD) also known as 4K, are now available from all major TV manufacturers. What is 4K about? The fact is simple and dramatic: 4K […]

Check out our latest Lipton’s flyer

Check out the March edition of our brand new virtual flyer! Great deals on Anthem, Paradigm, Denon, Bryston, Pro-Ject, Sonos, & more, we have what you need, and crave. Have a look and drop by to drool over our sexy sonics.


This year once again, there are a plethora of high demand electronics gifts for everyone, young and old.    While a whole houseful of audio and video systems might be the ultimate goal, there are many affordable items that can satisfy the most demanding electronics buffs. Younger set:  for the younger set, particularly teens, everything to […]


For the older teens and young adults and even their parents, there is one massive trend:   TURNTABLES & VINYL LPS.   EVERYTHING to do with playing records is now huge with the music loving crowd.   Initiated by the hipster twenty-something  set over the past few years, turntables have made a huge comeback, and are now one […]

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