Home Automation Made Easy (and green!)

Control 4 Home Automation

Take a minute to consider your home and its myriad of technologies and equipment — lights, TVs, audio systems, central heating and air conditioning, alarm system. Do you see a group of separate objects working independently of each other or are you inspired by a grander unified connected vision? What if all that technology — what keeps you entertained, comfortable and safe — could be synchronized and then easily controlled for your convenience? It’s not a far flung idea and, in fact, Liptons Audio Video Unlimited has the gear and the know how to make it a reality today.

It’s called Control4, a home automation system that co-ordinates the electronics in your home, cottage or office. It offers savings for your bankbook and the environment, as it makes optimum use of lighting, temperature and water. With energy prices soaring, a home automation system is a great way to keep costs down. The thermostat and window shades can be programmed to work in tandem, adjusting automatically when the temperature outside changes or according to the sun’s intensity. So when you’re at work all day and the weather changes dramatically, you can rest assured that unnecessary heat or cold air won’t be a drain on your wallet or the environment. Should the boss ask you to stay late, there’s no need to worry because you can control your thermostat with the scroll of an iPhone or Android.

Dimmers and motion sensor lighting are also great energy-savers, especially considering the fast-paced lives we all lead; now you don’t have to feel guilty about rushing out the door and forgetting to turn out the light (and you don’t have to chastise anyone either).

Coordinating  entertainment capabilities, too, has never been easier, from synchronizing your home theatre components to be controlled by a single remote, to more dramatic effects like linking your lights and shades with the TV or home theatre for movie time.

The possibilities are limitless, which is why trusting the experts at Liptons Audio Video Unlimited to customize and implement a plan for you is a great investment in your happiness and your home.

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  1. The home automation solutions from control4 has lot of benefits from the consumer point of view.The most important thing is that it t save lot of power costs and energy cost,switching off devices when not in use.We can also automate many routine tasks that we do in our home manually. It depends on the individual of what to automate. The options are endless. The downside of it is that cost will increase. Every person will have their choice of selecting a home automation system based on the things they want to automate and also the cost facror . I use control4 home automation system and it is perfect for my home,works relentlessly, without any problems, affordable as well.


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