ForceField 3 and 4 subwoofers from GoldenEar are a tour de force among their peers and even costlier competition, providing rich, full, taut, deep and dynamic bass whatever the occasion or source material.   Their small footprint make them easy to place in your room.   With a competitive price, you can’t lose.

In his review, hometheaterreview.com’s Andrew Robinson felt “the ForceField 4 is musical with two-channel fare, offering up plenty of low-end heft without sounding boomy or sluggish”, and “With films, especially high-octane action films on Blu-ray disc, the ForceField 4 is near perfect in my opinion providing ample slam, impact and low-end texture … even in my larger, reference system, it had the legs to fill my room with copious amounts of bass.”


Models include: Forcefield3, Forcefield4

Coming Soon: Forcefield5

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