Panorama2Is it the best powered soundbar on the planet?  It is hard to find stand alone soundbars on the market that sound musical and natural sounding. While many are a adequate solution for television and movies, the Panorama from Bowers and Wilkins provides much more. Built on the historic design philosophies of other B&W speakers, the Panorama 2 has a very natural treble tone and laid back sound. It doesn’t shout at you like other soundbars. The other standout feature with this is the ability to play low bass. Many find that the low frequency that is provide is deep and potent. If you need more, there is an additional subwoofer output for an outboard subwoofer.  New HDMI connections, with full on screen display make this a total one piece home theatre system, with sound quality for music lovers!  New lower pricing, save $500.