Once upon a time, there was a Canadian Audio Equipment manufacturer that had 6 cubed amps, each one more beautiful sounding then the next. Heh. Okay, that’s a silly way to put it, but seriously, every amp in this system is beautiful sounding and a worthy inclusion to a great audio system. All are available in both silver and black.

There are six Bryston Cubed Series Amplifier models in total, listed below with links for your convenience when comparing options provided.

  • Bryston Cubed 2.5b3 “The Bryston 2.5B3³ is a compact, high quality, dual-channel  135 wpc (stereo) amplifier intended for use in home sound systems requiring a musically accurate, extremely reliable, no compromise power source.”
  • Bryston Cubed 3B3 “The Bryston 3B³ is dual-channel 200wpc (stereo) amplifier designed for a wide range of audio/video systems which call for medium to high amounts of power, but wish to avoid sacrificing sonic accuracy and long-term reliability.”
  • Bryston Cubed 4B3 “The Bryston 4B³ is a dual channel 300 wpc  (stereo) amplifier which is acclaimed internationally as being suited for the finest and most sophisticated sound systems. It is currently our most popular Cubed Series model.”
  • Bryston Cubed 7B3 “The Bryston 7B³ is a single channel 600w (mono) amplifier which offers virtually perfect freedom from overload on any type of speaker. It assures an amazing degree of transparency, musicality, and ease of listening.
  • Bryston Cubed 14B3 “The Bryston 14BSST² dual channel600 wpc  (stereo) amplifier is basically two 7B’s which have been combined in a dual mono modular design and has the power to drive with breath-taking ease and clarity, speakers which have been considered “impossible” loads in the past.”
  • Bryston Cubed 28B3 “The Bryston 28B³ is our (Bryston’s) flagship power amplifier, a single channel 1000w  (mono) amplifier which sounds incredibly detailed and musical at very low levels and maintains that same sophistication and drive capability with even the most difficult inefficient speakers, large or small.”

For more information, please click the link below, or any of those above, and download the PDF, or manuals. Then come by to talk about it with us. We’ll give you a demo and discuss your needs. Let us help you find the right amp for your system.