These excellent speakers are currently on sale as we phase in a new line. It’s a great time to take advantage of the transition.

Like everything that B&W makes, the CM9 delivers the best in quality, including the clearest audio across all ranges, from delicate highs to robust, deep lows without any loss in transition. These perfect audio esthetics are mirrored in the sleek and elegant styling of the towers, offered in a range of finishes to suit your decor.

These winsome speakers were chosen as Best Speaker Package (3000+range) at the WHAT HI*FI? Sound & Vision Awards 2012, for excellent reason and were also the EISA Loudspeaker Award pick in 2009/2010:

EISA Loudspeaker Award 2009-2010
“This handsome floorstanding loudspeaker offers tremendous value for money, and features B&W’s highly regarded FST midrange unit as part of a four-driver system. The woven Kevlar cone of the FST driver is swaged at its edge and rests on a ring of foamed plastic that acts in compression. This novel arrangement improves the driver’s dissipation of unwanted vibrations but limits its excursion, so the unit hands over to twin 165mm bass drivers, reflex loaded through a dimpled port, for deep and extended low frequencies. The speaker offers a healthy sensitivity but is reasonably tough to drive – weedy amplifiers need not apply! Suitably partnered, the CM9 offers a very lush sound, big and expressive with a very realistic sense of musical dynamics. It’s one of B&W’s most compelling floorstanders to date and at a price that seals its EISA commendation.”